Class Three: Will set you Free!

Blogging Publishing
Blogging is a word that has had it's day. The word originated from it's initial meaning of "web log" which was shortened to "Blog". A blog is more simply put a publishing medium for your ideas, opinions and thoughts. Some people blog about their personal life or interests while others use blogging to discuss ideas in their work and bring together insights gathered from others. A blog is what you make it. The most important thing is to get started with your blog and write some content before you start to promote it to the world. The best thing about a blog is that you can edit and update your post when necessary or when you see an error; as I regularly do on my blog.

A blog is a very important part of your social media profile online. A blog is so vital because Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook don't allow for the kind of publishing necessary to convey your ideas. A blog compliments your other efforts on social networks and can lead to writing work for other publishing mediums whether online or print. Your blog also feeds your other online efforts by backing up your insights and ideas with more concrete examples with links and references to supporting documentation.

Today if we have time or at the beginning of next class you will be required to setup a blog. This blog doesn't have to be tied to your personal identity if you prefer and can be changed to represent you in the future or when your ready. The purpose of the blogging assignment and the use of blogs in class is to get you used to using an online publishing platform and to create some content to get you started. The two top blogging platforms are and Blogger. I prefer blogger because it allows me to access the HTML of my page and add cool things through HTML. If you are savvy and understand hosting or have a friend who can help use For this class you will be required to use Blogger or This blog can be deleted at the end of class and doesn't need to contain any personal information unless you want it to.

Social Media Optics: Frequency & Delivery
Optics are a key thing to consider as we move into an age when social media . Social Media Optics is a term I've coined myself (inventing words and concepts is a past time of mine :). SM Optics refers to the way messages appear on social networks and how that information can be interpreted by those who are reading your messages whether it is personal or professional Social Media Optics are key.

Here are some of the top Blogger's tips on getting your blog read:

Let's Embed a Video in your blog!
To embed a video please:
  1. Go to the video on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  2. Find the "Embed" button. Click it.
  3. Some code should appear. Right click this and Copy it (CTRL+C)
  4. Then open your post and "Edit HTML"
  5. Paste (CTRL+V) the code and voila! Your video will appear.
If you've already embedded a YouTube video in your blog try to embed a Vimeo video and then help out a classmate if you have time.


Facebook is different than other social network because it is more about staying connected to those who we already know in our lives. This isn't true for everyone and lots of people use it to connect with new people. How you choose to use it is up to you, but those who know you are definitely those most willing to read what you write, offer advice and encourage you on your journey whether for business or personal purposes. It is important whether using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Blogging that you seek out friends and allies who will honestly critique your work and help guide you to where you want to be with Social Media and Networking.

It's important that we don't overwhelm our Facebook friends with posts all of the sudden. Just like when we change our behaviour with our phones e.g. I stopped answering my phone every time it rang. At first people were annoyed as they'd come to expect that I would answer immediately. In time they became used to expect me to not answer and they were fine. This change took time and some people may have stopped calling. This is possible with changing the way you use social networks.

Facebook does offer insights and information although not at the same level as Twitter due to the nature of people's use with Facebook. Go to Facebook, Log-in and search for a term or string of terms. Remember your AND, OR, "" and -. Once you've searched click the "Posts by Everyone" button on the bottom left of the screen as below. Let's all try it together and see what we find. Try out a Facebook search of your own.

Hybrid Networking & Personal Branding
The most common definition of hybrid networking refers to digital networks and how they interact. The way I would like you to look at hybrid networking is through both online and offline networking. Most of the same rules apply, but the power of combining these tools whether through learning a but more about someone before you meet them (see: TweetCloud or TwitterSheep).

As we move from meeting to phone to email to social networking it is important to maintain that you are human and so are the people you are interacting with. The same rules apply with both online and offline social networking: Be yourself, be generous, provide value, contribute and share.

Introducing is a great way to find people in your area that meet in real life to discuss and share around topics that are of interest to you. I recommend that you create an account on this valuable social network. Let's take a look at

Next week we will be getting ramped up towards our business lessons and this will include HootSuite as the tool for the most convenient use of social media from one convenient place. If you don't have a HootSuite account it is time to sign up. Feel free to signup for a free account to start.

  1. Basic:
  2. Intermediate: OR
  3. Advanced:

More Sites:
  • "google keyword research tool"

Your homework this week is to start your 2 blog posts which will be marked and assessed when they are due on October 10th. If you would like me to review your post please tweet me a link or email me and I will check it out and get back to with some tips.

This week's offline events locally (FREE unless otherwise stated):
  •! Explore, join and participate.
Let's find some more events! It's a quiet week, but I know you know of other events that should be on here. Help me find some through, or anything resource you use to find events in the Vancouver area. See you next week! Tweet about the events you find and use the #MDIA1045

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