Class Four: Let's Turn it up a Notch!

Hopefully you've spent some time with Twitter and a some more time with LinkedIn. Hopefully you've blogged a bit and sent out your posts to some of your trusted network (family and friends) for their opinion. These are all things that are necessary to building your own confidence to continue to pursue Social Networking on an ongoing basis for your own purposes.

Let's get started today by taking a tour of the HootSuite dashboard...

Time for some coding!
target="blank"- will force websites to open links you post on a 'new page' ensuring that visitors don't leave your blog to quickly.

NEXT Let's discuss and demonstrate how to make a proper hyperlink or link on your blog/website. Let's look at an example:
You don't want it to appear like this: 
You want it to appear like this: a hyperlink as defined by Wikipedia.

Now that I've shown you how to create a proper hyperlink let's try it. Go to your blog that you setup for this class and create 3 hyperlinks with context. Take your time and ask me any questions that arise while doing this. Now let's get to the Facebook.

Want to learn more code? Check out and

Presentation time!
Today we are going to start off with a presentation that I give to groups on a regular basis. Time for a little presentation...


Now it's your turn :)
Today we are going to talk about how social media and networks are complimentary to businesses and the goals they are trying to achieve. I want to do a little in-class group project. Please get into a group of 2 or 3 and we will do this little group project. As a group using Google Docs - Presentation mode I'd like you to put together a social media plan for an imaginary (or real) small business of your choosing. You will have 10 minutes to present your plan to the class and receive questions and feedback.

A few tips:

  • Keep your plan simple.
  • You don't need to use every social network.
  • Remember this is a small business so it has to be easy.
  • Think about what matters to the audience.
  • Have a rollout timeline. Incremental steps.
  • Start with your business goals in mind.
  • Maximum 10 slides.

Using Social Media for your Small Business: Roadmap 2.0  
Facebook for Business

Facebook is a powerful tool for gathering and enabling your personal or business connections. Sometimes a page is best (are you a business or organization?), sometimes groups are best (are you a group or club? Do you need to send messages directly to your group members?), sometimes a personal profile is best (politicians aren't always 'liked' but people want to know what they are up to).

Twitter for Business
Twitter can be used for business important that when using Twitter or Facebook for business that you understand how people want to interact with businesses and brands in these spaces is much different than their normal interactions (buy & inquire). Those things should happen on your website, a custom FB tab or in store. The focus of Facebook and Twitter is to build relationships with prospective customers. The job of your website, email, phone and shop is to facilitate the transaction.

There are so many Twitter Tools out there as an EXERCISE today let's explore some of those tools. I also want you to find one Twitter tool and tell the class about it.

Here are my top tools:

These Assignments are DUE on October 17th:
  1. Get Blogging: Write TWO 500 word blog posts with at least 3 links in them
  2. Attend a Networking event and Report. One full page in size 11 font.

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