Class Two: Feedback, Twitter, LinkedIn & Blogs

Well I hope your first week was full of more learning opportunities. First thing  today we will be going through a few things that we didn't go through last class including:
  • Marks? How does it work?
  • Norms on Twitter - What's your question?
  • The difference between Old Retweets and New Retweets


In-class exercises
Assignments x 2
Final Project

In-class exercises are those things that you are asked to do in class. Attempting the exercise and doing your best to complete it will result in satisfactory marks for that part. 

These are our two assignments. They are due on October 10th:
  • Get Blogging: Write TWO 500 word blog posts with at least 3 links and one image in them.
  • Attend a Networking event and Report. One full page in size 11 font.
Final Project. This is due on the last class, October 24th:
  • Have a total of FIVE blog posts on your blog. They must be at least 250 words and contain multimedia (images, videos, slidedecks, etc.)
  • Submit via email links to 2 new completed social media profiles and your blog.

Now is the time to hear your questions before we push on in this course. So today on top of our lessons on Twitter, Goals, Blogs and more I want to hear what questions you want answers to.
You can create a form easily with Google Docs - Forms. Whether you are surveying customers, family, friends, bloggers or associates gathering intelligence on what people want helps us to deliver value that will serve their needs.

In our first exercise I want everyone to take the time to create a Google Form of 1-3 questions and we call all answer each other's questions. Take this opportunity to learn something about your area of concentration from the classroom group. Google Forms can also be embedded in a Facebook page or blog giving you or your client/business instant feedback from visitors, prospects and customers.

Make one, Grab the link, Shorten it, Post it to Twitter.

This week we are going to talk about using Twitter, having goals and introduce LinkedIn and Blogs! Following that we will go over what a completed Twitter profile looks like and why it's important to have a complete profile. Then we will move onto goals. Following that we will discuss LinkedIn.  We will then be talking about frequency and delivery. This is an important part of using social media: Understanding the optics of messages on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and how they are different. Lastly, if time allows we will go into setting up your blog.

Head on over to Twitter and login. Does your profile have an image? A bio? A link to a blog, website or LinkedIn profile? These are all elements of a completed Twitter profile. Using Twitter is something that should be done on a daily basis although at first this isn't a necessity. It depends on what your goals are for using the service. If you are using it to listen and receive information then your participation is less important but sharing and engaging will yield more valuable results than sitting back and reading. Think of Twitter as a parallel of

Whether you are a business or an individual having goals when using social media is incredibly important. Today you will be asked to write-up your short-term, medium-term and long-term goals for using social media. Below I have put a sample of my personal goals as a template for you to:
Short-Term - This week, this month
  • Write 3 blog posts on
  • Connect with a publishing site (IE VanObserver) to see if they are interested in a story
  • Attempt to connect with 3 people on LinkedIn by proposing the purpose of my connection
  • Answer 2 questions/week on LinkedIn
  • Follow 100 new and interesting people on Twitter by searching for keywords and evaluating the people using those keywords.
Medium-Term - 1 - 3 months
  • Connect with 3 local thought leaders for coffee to learn from them and share ideas
  • Develop a strategy to secure more speaking gigs
  • Begin implementing the strategy to get more speaking gigs
  • Work to develop MDIA 1045 into an online course
  • Attend 3 events/month that I don't normally attend
Long-Term - 3 - 12+ months
  • Work to expand my online reach beyond Vancouver
  • Attend 4 large conferences each year and connect with others there
  • Use Twitter to 'virtually' attend one large scale chat or event each month
  • Develop new relationships with those in my field via long-term relationship building
  • Interview 3 new trend-setters for my blog interview series.
Note that goals don't all have to be directly related to social media but all of them are important to my work and the development of my social networks. Think of your own personal goals in the context of what you wish to achieve through your professional efforts over the next month, months or years. These goals will change, some will disappear or be deferred while new goals may appear and things you didn't think of will provide great opportunities. Our world is changing quickly and so should some of your goals.

Next let's go and check out LinkedIn, if you have an account already take the next steps to bring your account up to 100% completion. If you don't yet have a LinkedIn account please sign up here.

LinkedIn is the professional's social network. It is the place online where professionals meet and connect for future collaboration or business. It is a more complex social network than Twitter where connecting with someone is easier than on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a place where you can demonstrate your expertise or view the expertise of other through Answers and Groups.
Please read this great article from the Globe and Mail:

This week's offline events locally (FREE unless otherwise stated):

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